Finesse Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to collect information related to the simulation software Finesse. Please see also the Forums on these pages.

Get the source code

Finesse is an open source program available to all on Mac, Linux and Windows and getting started using or developing Finesse should be easy! If you are starting out you have two options:

Download the binary and start modelling!

Download Finesse Binary files from, on the same page you can download a set of simple example Files Further have a look at the manual (more than 180 pages long pdf document) and you are ready to start modelling.

For convenient automatic graphical output you also need to have Gnuplot or Matlab installed.

Or get the source code and build the latest version of Finesse directly

The finesse source is stored in "git repositories at LIGO which are publicly readable. For better packaging the Finesse files are split over several git repositories, therefore we have provided install scripts that help you downloading (cloning) everything you need. If you want to access the git repositories directly, have a look into the install scripts, see below.

  • Windows download and build instructions
  • Linux download and build instructions
  • Mac download and build instructions

For those who want to help develop Finesse further please see,